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A Journey of Self-Discovery Package

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If you're looking for change in your life but aren't sure where to start - this is it! 

Included in this box are all my best selling pieces!

Books & Affirmations:
6 x Paperback Books (details below)
15 x Sacred Space Ritual Cards
4 x Calm Me Cards

1 x Selenite Crystal Tower (10cm)
1 x Clear Crystal Point (3-4cm)
1 x Geode Crystal (2 x pieces broken apart - 5cm)
1 x Small Selenite Crystal Raw
7 x Small polished crystals (details below)

Smudging Set:
1 x Incense Burner
1 x Palo Santo
1 x White Sage Bundle
1 x Charcoal Discs
1 x Abalone Shell
1 x Eco-friendly Candle
1 x Ritual Resin (Frankincense, Myrrh + Benzoin)
1 x Tongs for the charcoal

1 x Rosemary Essential Oil (10ml)
1 x Bath Bliss
1 x Digital Meditation Album (Guided Meditations for Love, Healing & Manifestations)

Commence your inner journey of self-discovery with this self-loving package. Here you will find everything you need to decorate your Sacred Altar to manifest your greatest desires and become the best version of yourself!

This Journey of Self-Discovery Package is worth $255! Buy altogether and save $$!

Details of each item below:



and still, the Lotus Flower Blooms - This spiritual poetry book explores the hardships we face throughout our life that provide us with the tools we need in order to survive. Like the lotus flower who grows through mud yet rises everyday to greet the sunshine without a slither of darkness upon its petals, you will too, move through your life with grace, resilience and beauty.

Lost Nowhere - is a self-help book written in a fictional fantasy way. As the young character evolves and develops - you will too. Lily is misunderstood, she has difficulty accepting change and liking herself or her life. But all of that soon changes when she finds herself lost in an enchanted world full witches and mermaids.

Lost Now Here - is the sequel to Lost Nowhere (soon to be a third book in this series)! Lily returns to the magical world but her life lessons are not yet complete. She has not let go and grieving completely. Lost Now Here - the road to healing, enables such a transformation to take place.

Daily Rituals - Based on law of attraction principals, learn how to create your sacred altar and harness the energies of the Universe with the daily practice of affirmations and exercises. A practical guide to manifest the life you want.

Define Me Divine Me - is a poetry book that explores the light and dark within us all. These personal extracts have been collected over a series of 10 years, documenting in poetic form the fall and collapse of heart break and standing back up to unite with our higher selves.

The Spirit Guides - A short magical realism novella about a young girl named Chloe who doesn't know what to do with her life. It isn't until her sister suggests she contact her spirit guides to help lead her the way. Follow Chloe's journey as she reveals her life passion.

15 x Sacred Space Ritual Cards - Rituals, Affirmations, Exercises and Poetry to remind yourself about the beauty within you.

4 x Calm Me Cards - Calm yourself as you speak positive words and affirmations, reminding you of the strength you hold within.


Smudging Details:

White Sage is scientifically proven to cleanse negative energy from the air. It is believed to also remove the most potent dark energies from any space as well as protect your energy field.

Palo Santo is known for it's healing vibrations and positive tranquility. The scent of Palo Santo opens up your creative power and harnesses confidence as you ignite with your Higher Self.

Frankincense is believed to heal internal trauma in the body. It provides an abundance of protection and healing.

Myrrh has been used to attract magic in ancient rituals. It harnesses the powers from above, and is mentioned in biblical texts.

Benzoin ignites clarity and peace through its soothing scent. It is known to balance emotions and create harmony through the body.


Crystals Included:

Crystal Quartz has been known as the Universal Healer since the beginning of time. Soothe your worries and fears by allowing the quartz to transmute any negative energy into positive vibrations. Because of this, the clear crystal quartz will hold a strong shield of protection around your auric field. Once activated, your crystal quartz will align your chakras and harmonize your body, mind and soul.

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene. With moon-like qualities, this mystical crystal aids in a peaceful sleep allowing your soul to dance amongst the angelic realm to heed the advice from the spirits who watch over you. Selenite will unite you with your Higher Self to enable any messages to speak clearly through your intuition and will support your mind with clarity to make difficult decisions.

Crystal Geode is a magical stone that overflows with ancient wisdom. Once broken open, the two halves fit together perfectly symbolizing the yin and yang energy flow of life. Often placed in separate corners of your room, you will allow the chi flow to move with ease through your sacred space encouraging balance, peace and beauty to all who enter.

Yellow Jasper - because it provides tranquility in times of stress and is known as the ultimate nurturer.

Aventurine - soothes your nervous system, and supports many internal organs as it heals unresolved emotional wounds.

Sodalite -  will calm panic attacks as it provides emotional balance. It boosts confidence and enhances self-acceptance.

Amethyst: Energy healing and connection to the Divine

Rose Quartz: Universal stone for Love

Red Jasper: Spiritual grounding and emotional balancing

Green Agate: Supports mental health, flexibility and clarity

Tiger Eye: Clears fears and protects your energy

*Wooden Altar Frame Not Included

*Essential Oils should be carefully handled. Do not use on broken skin. Some oils may have an allergic reaction, so test it first. 

*Burn candles and smudging objects indoors away from other heat sources and flammable objects or materials. Be careful of draft winds that may cause the candle to move. And always be careful lighting around small children.