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There are times in life when we all feel uneasy. Some of us will experience the urgency of anxiety, and others, the numbness of depression.

Whatever you are going through, is only temporary. But sometimes, we need a little reminder to pick us up through the day, to help calm our thoughts and soothe our worries.

Introducing your very own "Calm Me" set.

4 x Affirmation Cards (Including 3 x affirmations, and 1 x Breathing/Grounding Exercise)

15 x Sacred Space Ritual Cards (New Addition)

1 x eco-friendly candle

1 x bottle of rosemary essential oil

1 x Little Pouch of Bath Bliss! Rose petals and luxury bath salts

3 x Crystals: Yellow Jasper, Aventurine, Sodalite

1 x Raw Rose Quartz Crystal - New Addition


Yellow Jasper - because it provides tranquility in times of stress and is known as the ultimate nurturer.

Aventurine - soothes your nervous system, and supports many internal organs as it heals unresolved emotional wounds.

Sodalite -  will calm panic attacks as it provides emotional balance. It boosts confidence and enhances self-acceptance.


Calm yourself as you speak positive words of affirmation, reminding you of the strength you hold within. Light your candle and bring your awareness to the present moment as you hold your crystals and ground your soul into your body. Allow the scent of rosemary oil to provide clarity to your thoughts, and soak your skin in a luscious bath to soothe your emotions. Everything will be okay, with the help of your Calm Me set.


*Essential Oils should be carefully handled. Do not use on broken skin. Some oils may have an allergic reaction, so test it first. 

*Burn candles indoors away from other heat sources and flammable objects or materials. Be careful of draft winds that may cause the candle to move. And always be careful lighting around small children.