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Creating Change Starter Pack - 2 x Books + 1 x Meditation Album

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Are you wanting to create a positive change in your life but aren't sure where to start?

Welcome to your Creating Change Starter Pack - two books to start you on your spiritual journey with ritual and affirmation guidance, and a deeply healing and empowering meditation album.

These are my must have's to ignite the power within you! Journaling + Meditation!

The details of what is included is as follows:

Sacred Space Rituals: The pages of this book has been carefully created by calling upon ancient spiritual philosophy from around the world. They primarily use the principals of creative visualization while harnessing the abundance of universal energies that surrounds you. The purpose of these rituals is to assist you in your journey of personal development and spiritual transformation.

Daily Rituals: 

Positive energy in our lives vibrate at a high frequency. By radiating this frequency first, you will magnetically attract the same positive energy in return, thus amplifying and intensifying these loving vibrations in abundance. And this can be easily achieved by controlling your thoughts in the repetition of uplifting affirmations.

Practice these rituals regularly to raise your vibration and your mind will be trained to think positive thoughts from the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep, promoting and attracting an affluence of positive energy, health, happiness, love and peace.

Transform your life to create beauty and peace in the world around you.


Guided Meditations with Binaural Beats for Deep Healing, Relaxation and Empowerment: Honor the divine soul within you with the help of Phoebe’s words in these these deeply healing and nurturing guided mediations. Using binaural beats and creative visualization, Phoebe will guide you on a journey through the unseen realms to reconnect with your Higher Self. Here, you will learn the wisdom and advice you need to know to fulfill your destiny.


These books are filled with spiritual practices and rituals, to help ignite positive changes into your life. Combine this spiritual guidance with journaling and meditations and you will create life long lasting changes in any area you wish!

The meditation album will be sent immediately via email - they require a computer to download. Please allow up to 5 days for the books to be sent.