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*LIMITED EDITION* - Crown Chakra Crystal Set

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Connect to the Divine and receive bountiful blessings from the Angelic Realm with your Crown Chakra Crystal Set. Each crystal provides an abundance of healing energy and clarity to soothe your thoughts and nurturing love to support profound personal transformation. These crystals will open the pathway to your Higher Self allowing your intuition to speak loud and clearly. Manifest your greatest desires and receive an answer from your angels as you hold these crystals close to your heart.

Crystal Quartz has been known as the Universal Healer since the beginning of time. Soothe your worries and fears by allowing the quartz to transmute any negative energy into positive vibrations. Because of this, the clear crystal quartz will hold a strong shield of protection around your auric field. Once activated, your crystal quartz will align your chakras and harmonize your body, mind and soul.

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene. With moon-like qualities, this mystical crystal aids in a peaceful sleep allowing your soul to dance amongst the angelic realm to heed the advice from the spirits who watch over you. Selenite will unite you with your Higher Self to enable any messages to speak clearly through your intuition and will support your mind with clarity to make difficult decisions.

Crystal Geode is a magical stone that overflows with ancient wisdom. Once broken open, the two halves fit together perfectly symbolizing the yin and yang energy flow of life. Often placed in separate corners of your room, you will allow the chi flow to move with ease through your sacred space encouraging balance, peace and beauty to all who enter.


Each Crown Chakra Crystal Set includes:

1 x Selenite Crystal (Large - 10cm, Small - 5cm)

1 x Clear Crystal Point (3-4cm)

1 x Geode Crystal (2 x pieces broken apart - 5cm)



Learn how to cleanse and recharge your crystals with the below video:

Selenite cannot go in water, but your Geode and Clear Quartz Crystal can.

All crystals are charged from the energy of the full moon and blessed prior to shipping.


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