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Divine Feminine Set

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Harness the energy of the Divine Feminine with this beautiful set for your sacred altar.

Included in this package is:

1 x Goddess Soapstone Statuette (12cm high)

1 x Golden Shell Lotus Candle holder (14cm wide)

1 x Rose Quartz Pendulum (4cm crystal)

The Goddess represents the Divine Feminine within you, and the mother creator of this Earth. She holds her arms above, giving love and wisdom in abundance. By honoring this piece in your sacred space, you are in turn, honoring yourself. Call upon her power to heal any troublesome emotions or fears. The soapstone is believed to calm your presence during times of deep transformation. It promotes truth and logical thinking.

The lotus flower is known amongst many cultures to symbolize enlightenment, purity and rebirth. Through the muddy waters the lotus survives and thrives, and in turn, reminds us that such darkness has the power to create immaculate beauty. Signal the commencement of your ritual by lighting your lotus candle and harnessing the energy of fire before you.

Rose Quartz is renown as the crystal of love. The quartz properties enable healing energy, ensuring that any problems with love will be resolved, or provide you the strength to overcome them. The pendulum is used for spiritual healing and inner growth. Ask for support from your crystal to harmonize your love life, or for help to attract the right love into your life.

Never leave a candle alight and unattended. Each Divine Feminine set comes with one tea light candle.

All items are ethically sourced.