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One on One Life Coaching Session with Phoebe

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Unlock the power of your potential with Phoebe's Life Coaching sessions.

Do you want to ....

Fall in love with yourself and your life

Forgive and let go of the past

Heal and prepare you for the future

Feel confident and strong in your own body

Awaken your authentic self

See the world in a beautiful light

Take control of your thoughts and your mind

Deepen your practice of spiritual philosophy

Free your mind from stress, anxiety and depression

Strengthen your connection to your intuition

Be inspired, creative and motivated for the day ahead

Clarify the next phase of your life journey

If you answered yes to any of the above, then get in touch with Phoebe today.


"My goal is to help you step into alignment with who it is that you really are.

I'm here to remind you of the beauty within you and open your mind to the blessings around you.

Together, we will walk side by side, to live the life you’ve always wanted to."

 - Phoebe x


Upon completion of payment, you will receive an email within 24 hours to confirm a time and date as well as an introduction questionnaire to complete.


How the session works:

The session will be conducted via skype or zoom. Each session lasts for approximately one hour. Upon completion of the session you will feel at ease with the current situation, clarity over what it is that you wish to achieve, and actionable steps as to how to get to where it is that you wish to go.

You will receive guidance from Phoebe in a follow up email upon completion of the session and this will include any of the following: exercises to partake in, meditations, educational videos.

Each session is strictly confidential. Please feel free to email Phoebe directly with any questions or concerns.