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Sacred Smudging Ritual

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Cleanse the energy in your sacred space and invite positive vibrations with your Sacred Smudging Ritual Set. The practice of burning these natural gifts from Mother Nature have been used for thousands of years. They are known to have medicinal properties and healing powers as well as ignite magic through ritual. Read below to learn what each scent is used for.

Included in this set you will find:


1 x Smudging Prayer Card

1 x Incense Burner (either Pentagram or Ornate Pattern)

1 x Palo Santo

1 x White Sage

1 x Roll of 10 charcoal discs

1 x Resin Ritual Mix in a Jar - Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin

1 x Stainless Steel Holding Tongs (not pictured) - to hold the charcoal when burning


White Sage is scientifically proven to cleanse negative energy from the air. It is believed to also remove the most potent dark energies from any space as well as protect your energy field.

Palo Santo is known for it's healing vibrations and positive tranquility. The scent of Palo Santo opens up your creative power and harnesses confidence as you ignite with your Higher Self.

Frankincense is believed to heal internal trauma in the body. It provides an abundance of protection and healing.

Myrrh has been used to attract magic in ancient rituals. It harnesses the powers from above, and is mentioned in biblical texts.

Benzoin ignites clarity and peace through its soothing scent. It is known to balance emotions and create harmony through the body.



The only item missing from you sacred Smudging Prayer set is a feather to allow the smoke to move with ease through your space. I did this on purpose! It’s for you to find a feather from a bird around you - get out into nature, explore a forest or a park and find a feather that a bird has gifted just to you. When picking up the feather ask permission from the bird as to whether it is okay for you to have it. If your wish has been granted, place the feather on your sacred altar.


All items have been ecologically sourced. The items are used from trees that have fallen down naturally, no trees have been cut down to create this set.


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