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Sacred Space Rituals (mini book) - a Spiritual Guide to Nurture Your Inner Power

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This is a small 70 page book with practical rituals.

Are you looking for a simple book on the best spiritual practices to incorporate into your life? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with all the information on spirituality out there that you’re aren’t even sure where to begin! You believe that everything happens for a reason and that you hold the power to unlock the wisdom within, but you are looking for some guidance to be shown how to ignite that confidence? Welcome to your Sacred Space Rituals, a spiritual guide to ignite, nurture and protect your inner power.

Enclosed within these pages are spiritual tools and techniques to align you with your greatest self.

The pages of this book has been carefully created by calling upon ancient spiritual philosophy from around the world. They primarily use the principals of creative visualization while harnessing the abundance of universal energies that surrounds you. The purpose of these rituals is to assist you in your journey of personal development and spiritual transformation.

You are the greatest healer you could ever ask for, and all the answers you seek are within. These practices will harness the power of your soul as you journey through life while inspiring you on your quest for greater fulfillment.

I have loved creating this introduction to spirituality book for you. Many more to come!

Love Phoebe

My favorites quotes from this book:
“The inner light within your being is soft, but only for a moment in time, it will glow brightly again soon, just be patient with yourself and move gently as you heal the space from within your heart center.”

"We use affirmations to honor the divine within us. Through self-love and self-care we build confidence within our being, enabling us to handle anything that comes our way."

Table of Contents:
Creating Your Sacred Ritual
Morning + Evening Rituals
Breathing Meditation
To My Higher Self
Affirmations to Calm Anxiety, Stress and Fear
Calming Affirmations for Depression
New Moon Prayer
Full Moon Prayer
Ritual to Listen to Your Intuition
I Give Myself Permission
My Boundaries
Your Invitation for Higher Vibrations
7 Chakra Affirmations
Energy Protection Meditation
Sacred Smudging Prayer
Today’s Affirmation
Grounding Affirmations
Confidence Affirmations