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Soul Food Reading 9 Book Bundle

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Devour these heart nourishing food for the soul with Phoebe's 9 x paperback book Bundle.

Here you will find Phoebe's latest books, a variety of fantasy, practical law of attraction, manifestations and poetic verse, all with spiritual philosophy and positive optimism woven seamlessly throughout.

Details of the books are below:




Remember the WItch Within - (latest addition to the pack)! Every time I close my eyes I see you. The real you. The beautiful, authentic and confident you. I see your soul glowing brightly. But you are hiding your gifts. You are concealing the divinity of your power. Why? Because of what they did to you. Because they tried to silence you. They tried to erase you. You still hold that pain. That is why you are scared to step into the truth of who you really are. But you will be silenced no longer. From this day forward, you will forever remember the witch within. (Available in paperback only).

Align with Soul -  Align with Soul will show you how to find your life purpose, heal your problems and live a spiritual life by understanding who you are and why you are here. Align with Soul will provide you with the spiritual philosophy, tools and techniques to inspire your journey of personal development toward enlightenment. This is your life manual. This is the book you’ve been waiting for. (Available in paperback and hardback).

 Sacred Space Rituals - The pages of this book have been carefully created by calling upon ancient spiritual philosophy from around the world. They primarily use the principles of creative visualization while harnessing the abundance of universal energies that surrounds you. The purpose of these rituals is to assist you in your journey of personal development and spiritual transformation. (Available in paperback only).

and still, The Lotus Flower Blooms 
This spiritual poetry book explores the hardships we face throughout our life that provide us with the tools we need in order to survive. Like the lotus flower who grows through mud yet rises every day to greet the sunshine without a slither of darkness upon its petals, you will too, move through your life with grace, resilience and beauty.
(Available in paperback and hardback).

Lost Nowhere: A Journey of Self-Discovery
Lost Nowhere is an inspiring coming-of-age fantasy, woven with spirituality and magical realism, that will encourage readers to learn how to accept fate and love themselves. (Available in paperback and hardback).

Lost Now Here: The Road to Healing
 - is the sequel to Lost Nowhere (soon to be a third book in this series)! Lily returns to the magical world but her life lessons are not yet complete. She has not let go and grieving completely. Lost Now Here - the road to healing, enables such a transformation to take place. (Available in paperback and hardback).

Daily Rituals: Positive Affirmations to Attract Love, Happiness and Peace- Based on law of attraction principles, learn how to create your sacred altar and harness the energies of the Universe with the daily practice of affirmations and exercises. A practical guide to manifest the life you want. (Available in paperback only).

Define Me Divine Me: a Poetic Display of Affection - is an exploration of raw truth that provokes our deepest emotions so that we may honor both the light and the dark within us all. Together, we allow the words of enlightened wisdom and painful beginnings to wash through us, as we stand back up and claim what is rightfully ours. (Available in paperback and hardback).

The Spirit Guides - A short magical realism novella about a young girl named Chloe who doesn't know what to do with her life. It isn't until her sister suggests she contact her spirit guides to help lead her the way. Follow Chloe's journey as she reveals her life passion. (Available in paperback only).

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